Diet changes – Artificial sweetener!

Now, I was always told that in order to lose weight you need to stop/cut down your sugar intake.  So, naturally, you replace sugar in your tea/coffee with artificial sweeteners, right?  Well, I have done this for years.  I even have a splenda dispenser in my bag so that I never have to eat sugar ever again!!

Well, would you beleive it, I now read that sweeteners can MAKE YOU PUT ON WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or at least inhibit weight loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Apparently your body still think you’re digesting sugar, so it releases insulin to combat the sugar, but as it’s not really sugar that means you have excess insulin in your bloodstream which then gets stored as, guess what??  FAT!!!

It makes sense to me.  And seeing as I’m insulin resistant anyhow (due to polycystic ovaries) so I over produce insulin anyhow, is it any wonder that I’m finding it sooooo difficult to lose weight?

Anyway, another experiment I suppose – day 2 of cutting out artificial sweeteners – we shall see if it helps :o)

Oh!  And its not just the artificial sweetener that you pop into tea etc.  Think of all the low sugar drinks, chewing gum and desserts…………I can’t tell you how much ‘sugar free’ gum I chew, especially on a diet…..well, I’ve stopped that too.  Watch this space!


~ by tuscanystone on September 15, 2008.

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