Diet changes – green tea!

Well, after a lifelong hatred of green tea (I mean, I don’t hate it with a vengeance it’s just I always thought the taste was vile) I have succumbed to twinings green tea & pommegranate.  Ok, it’s not exactly my fave drink in the world but the pommegranate make is more pallatable :o)

And apart from being more pallatable, it is also very, very good for you.  Heaps of anti-oxidents and lots of caffeine to increase your metabolism.  Lots of diet supps have green tea in them now you know! 

Ok, its day 3 and the weight isn’t exactly dropping off me, but I shall perservere………….


~ by tuscanystone on September 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Diet changes – green tea!”

  1. Vile, that’s great!

    I drink iced green tea (8 cups per day).

    You learn to love it, eventually.

  2. 8 cups??? Do you supersize everything??? lol I’ve been trying to fit 3 cups in before 6pm (afterwhich I shouldnt drink caffeine as it stops me sleeping!! Ahh! good point about your sleep problem!! Are you drinking it near to sleep time?) but most days I only manage 2 cups….hmmm!

    How do you make it iced? Just add ice cubes?? lol No, but seriously, I’ve never had normal iced tea, just the alcoholic one……


  3. That works, too.

    I have a glass carafe that I put my 8 teabags in and fill it up with hot water and then put it in the refrigerator. I use the bags twice, so later in the evening, I’m drinking the second batch which has way less caffeine in it, but still lots of antioxidants.

    I drink a pot of black coffee first thing in the morning, so the caffeine in green tea doesn’t impact me too much. I fudged a little bit too, I don’t always get 8 cups in. Some days I don’t drink any. I tend to make up for it on weekends. No matter what, though, I drink lots of water. I think this is vital for weight loss.

    So you’ve noticed my tendency towards the extreme? It’s the testosterone, men simply can’t help it. 🙂

  4. Ah, as simple as that eh – I will try it, thanks! :o)

    oh right, it’s the testosterone that’s to blame huh!! lol

    I must admit, I struggle to drink 8 glasses of water per day without exercise. But I think that’s a good thing as its a sign of diabetes if your’e always thirsty!! There is method to my madness sometimes….lol :o)

  5. Stop trying to shatter my illusions, Tusc. 🙂 Nothing is my fault. LOL

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