Sugar/food withdrawal

I’m feeling rather shitty today.  Seem to have a heavy head that I can’t seem to shake off, even if I’m putting half a level teaspoon in my tea/decaf and drinking tons of water.  I’m guessing that I’m having some kind of artificial sweetener withdrawal?  Or, now I’ve had 3 level teaspoons of real sugar, perhaps I’m having sugar something or other? (Haven’t had real sugar in years!!)  Hmmmm!  Nah, I reckon it’s the splenda withdrawal. 

Or maybe I’m just not eating enough?  Probably not enough carbs? 

Or maybe this is how you feel when you actually go on a REAL diet!!  I sometimes think that I just play at it most of the time, but this time I’m determined!  I did a mile walk AND step aerobics again today.  Oh, and my period just started!!!

Actually, now I’ve written it all down, I think the headaches are a combination of everything…….I kinda feel happier now :o)

Here’s hoping there is some weight loss on the scales tomow :oO  That would be nice ;o)


~ by tuscanystone on September 16, 2008.

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