Bits I love about my body :o)

Well, what can I say, I just started off writing about the bits I hate and then ended up loving them!  I wonder if I will now write about the bits I love, and end up hating them…

Hmmm, don’t think so……….

OK, I’m feeling good now about my whole body.  However, there are bits that I especially like:

Breasts – MMMMmmm, they are my best friends…..small ish (they are bigger now I’m fatter!!), perky, firm and yet soft and great nips!  lol

Ankles – I think they just go in at the right places and even though I’ve put on weigh they remain shapely :o)

Feet – small and cute, well worth playing with….lol

Hands & writsts – small, nimble, shapely – bloody useful to type this blog……!!!

Shoulders – I dont know why I have a ‘thing’ about shoulders!  Male shoulders in particular!  But I do like mine as they are quite stocky looking.  I like that curve that runs from neck to end of shoulder and and that muscle that sits in the front when you raise your hand in a ‘look at my bicep’ kind of way.  And they always feel soft, i mean skin wise, not podgy wise….lol

Ok, thing those are my faves…….must go and do a pedicure as my feet look neglected…….;o)


~ by tuscanystone on September 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Bits I love about my body :o)”

  1. I love this post!

    Focus on the good stuff, that is a big key to success!

    This post is also somewhat erotic, leading one to picture certain things in their minds.

    Thanks for that. 😉

  2. LOL!! Only a red-blooded male could find something erotic about me pouring my heart out!!


  3. You are a few steps ahead of me as I have yet to find something I like about myself these days! Well, maybe my eyes 🙂

    Love the post! Always enjoy reading what you have to say. And thanks for the comments on my blog! It is turning into a small novel at this point!

  4. There you go Molly, you found something!! :oD

    Seek and ye shall find! Or something like that … lol

    I just watched brokeback mountain so my eyes are all red now….lol

  5. Ok, you had to mention Brokeback Mountain and totally kill the mood. LOL

    I can’t believe that you think the following is not erotic:

    “Breasts – MMMMmmm, they are my best friends…..small ish (they are bigger now I’m fatter!!), perky, firm and yet soft and great nips!”

    You are practically painting a picture with your words. I’m sure lots of us red blooded males would love to get to know your friends a little better! Ha ha ha…

    It is sexy for a woman to know that certain parts of her are attractive, at least I think so. No one is perfect, but I’m willing to bet you are a lot more beautiful than you realize. 😉

  6. Erm, who said I didnt think I was beautiful? ;o)

    I just have fat bits that I don’t particularly like, but yes, I try to focus on the bits I DO like as then I dont get too down about my weight – makes sense?

    I guess breasts are erotic if you’re in that kind of mood. I wasn’t when I wrote the blog (in fact, I was in tears from the bits I hate blog that I wrote immediately before…lol) so I just gave an honest description. I should delete it really if there are gonne be men out there getting off on it?? lol

    You do make me laugh tho Arnie, so no harm done with you ;o)

    Tusc :o)

  7. By the way, I thought Brokeback mountain was a very erotic movie! I know a high testosterone, red-blooded male like yourself won’t see past the homosexuality (haha!) but the passion and love between them was jaw droppingly gorgeous! Just imagine that kind of chemistry with a woman and you’ll get in the zone…

    Tusc :o0

  8. My comment about your beauty was in reference to your other post, and I’m sorry you were in tears. 😦

    Don’t censor yourself because I’m a pig, geez.

    I have honestly never seen Brokeback Mountain, but I guess I will bring myself to watch it. My horizons need expanding.

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