Hate these bits of my body :'(

I don’t know why I’m feeling like I need to express this today.  Perhaps it’s because I did 2 x 40 mins on the treadmill yesterday and put on half a pound…….grrrrr  Or perhaps cos it’s one of those unspoken things that I now feel will help me on the road of weight loss and feeling happier about myself (the nice bits of my body will follow) dunno, but here it is:

My legs – Oh God, they are ‘short, fat and hairy’ – ok, not exactly hairy as that is something I can do something about….lol  But they are definitly short and fat.  I dont’ mind them up to my knees.  But OMG, my knees are soooooooooo fat.  And my thighs, well, you know what, they are tree trunks…..lol  (I’m enjoying this!! And the funny thing is, in my mind, I’m sticking up for my legs!!!!!  LOLOL!! – it’s almost like my legs are fighting back and saying “Oy you, do you realised that hold you up??  Do you realise I open and shut at will just because you want to make love with someone??  Do you realise the effort it takes for me to bend so you can sit, speed up so you get somewhere quicker, flex my muscles so you can squat, run, bloody walk……..what would you do without me???

Wow!  I’m really sorry legs, I crying now, how could I be so horrid to my legs??  I never, ever want to lose you!!!  I love you legs……..:o)

I think I’m going to stop this message now.  I have just found a way to be positive about all my ‘bad’ bits……….ok, apart from my bum……….lol……no, even that has it’s uses…..hmmmmm……..how completely bizarre, I start off hating, now I’m loving………..wow!


~ by tuscanystone on September 18, 2008.

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