My weight loss buddy! :o)

I’ve decided that what I’ve been lacking in my life is a weight loss buddy!   Not that I recognised this before I managed to stumble upon one – lol – but as the hours tick away I’m realising more and more how bloody fab it is to have someone to talk to who has empathy with the diet thing.  I think I’m even luckier to have stumbled upon this particular buddy as not only does he have empathy, he also demonstrates a sound knowledge of biology, physiology, nutrition AND psychology – all very important when embarking on a weight loss plan.  And if that wasnt enough, he also makes me laugh :oD

Thanks for being there Arnie!! xx


~ by tuscanystone on September 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “My weight loss buddy! :o)”

  1. I’m still not sure how I feel about the nickname you’ve given me, but thanks. I need to think of a good nickname for you, now.

    Hmmm, I’ve got some thinking to do…

  2. Your one was easy, I’m looking at him…lol But if you really dont like it, I’ll think of another?

    I have loads of nicknames! As you get to know me you’ll understand why….lol

    Tusc ;o)

  3. Maybe I would be safer with Arnie? LOL

  4. LOL! OK, Arnie it is then :oD I quite like it, it rolls off the tongue ;o) And if you get called him, then there’s more reason to look like him ;o)

    You’re my inspiration and motivation, do you know that Arnie? I can see me, finally, getting to my goal weight with you around! I hope you don’t feel any pressure….lol



  5. I was gonna start calling you nips, but then I thought better of it! Ha ha.

    How about Xena (Warrior Princess) because you are so strong!

  6. Nips!! LOLOLOLOL!!! I used to have a driver that called me that. Some cocky, gobby neandathal who like embarrassing women….lol but it’s ok for you to say it as I did ask for it in my post………hmmm!!

    I dont think Xena suits me. I’m not strong at all (was there a princess that was an emotional wreck? lol). I think you should wait till you know me better ;o)

  7. No, there is a strength about you. Yes, you are open with your emotions, but I guess having grown up in a very stoic family, in a very stoic part of the US, I find your openness courageous even if it is “anonymous”.

    I’ve always loved that Van Morrison song, Brown Eyed Girl, so you are my Brown Eyed Girl (or BEG for short). LOL

  8. Ahhh! My long term ex used to sing that to me! I’ve definitely got brown eyes!! LOL!!

    Whatever suits you Arnie, I don’t mind. As I said, I’ve got loads of nicknames and I’m always giving people nicknames. I think it’s a term of endearment :o)

    Stoic? I dont hear that word often. I just went to find the proper meaning ~ someone who is seemingly indifferent to emotions ~ wow! That’s hard from e to believe about you, but I guess it would explain a few things you’ve said. Stick with me kid, I’ll turn you into an emotional wreck in not time…..LOLOL!!!

    Thanks for being my friend :o)

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