Weekly Achievements :o)

I thought I’d write a blog based on anything that I’ve changed/accomplished in a week.  I guess some weeks there may not be anything to report (apart from still being alive…lol) but that matters not.  What bothers me in this life is that human nature is more prone to criticise, judge and exude negativity than it is to praise, live and let live and promote positivite mental thought/speach!  I wish to address this balance here by sticking my 2 fingers up at all those pessimists!  I wish to focus on the positive side of my  life, cos if I don’t I sure as hell can’t rely on anyone else to (well, apart from my Mum :o)  lol

STARTED A BLOG! – How funny that this should help me so much!  Not only do I get theraputic pleasure in writing my thoughts, I’ve actually met a weight loss buddy too.  I’ve gained a lot more knowlege by reading other blogs, about health and love and allsorts.  I’m really enjoying exorcising (as opposed to exercising….lol) my demons, I’m enjoying sharing any knowledge I have about anything, I’m enjoying other people’s take on things. I was going to remain annonymous, but I dont even think that matters now. I’m totally thrilled I decided to do this :oD

Ok, this week is mainly about diet (obviously), so here are some significant changes I’ve made to my lifestyle in the last 7 – 10 days:

ARTIFICIAL SWEETENER – I stopped using it.  Stopped dead!  I read an article about insulin spikes and that was that, I didnt need another reason (see blog on Artificial sweeteners).  I’m having a level teaspoon of UNrefined sugar in tea and coffee instead.  I figure that if I’m going to produce insulin it may as well work on REAL sugar!  And a level teaspoon of sugar is only 17 calories.  And I’m limiting my intake to with sugar to 2 or 3 cups per day.  I had terrible headaches for the first 3 days, but I’m ok now :o) 

CHEWING GUM – I’ve stopped chewing!  Why?  Because of the artificial sweetner as above.  This has, and remains to be, the hardest sacrifice.  I was chewing about 4 packets of 10 per day…lol  It’s a habit that I gained after I quit smoking 4 years ago.  Plus, if you’re chewing gum, you’re not eating!  The side effects have been noticeable.  My teeth hurt!  (I put this down to the gum and the extra saliva I was producing and the acids that were being dispersed).  I feel anxious, especially late at night when I would be chewing away.  I miss it and I’m withdrawing.  Hmmm!  I’ve just thought that this may even be contributing to my angry moments!?  It’s almost like giving up smoking all over again….lol  Anyway, it’s got easier and I’m not going to chew again until accomplished my weight goals :o)

GREEN TEA – I’ve added in 2 – 3 cups per day instead of ordinary tea.  It’s ok actually (with added pommegranate!), I’m getting used to it.  And I dont need sugar with it, so not only is it giving me lots of dietry help, it’s also training my palet away from sweet things.  You never know, I might even stop the level teaspoon sugar ;o)

ACTIVITY LEVELS – this is a biggy!  Last week I was doing step aerobics every other day.  5 days ago I hired the treadmill.  I’ve beein fat burning on the treadmill before breakfast which is amazing for me…lol  I’m really, really enjoying it and wished I lived in a house with a garage/gym room as then I would buy one permanently.  Hmmm!  Ever heard of someone moving to accomodate their treadmill??  LOL!!

WEIGHT LOSS BUDDY – I’m so excited about this.  I’m feeling more entheusiastic and more motivated simply because someone else is doing it too!  I had forgotten how helpful this is when trying to accomplish…. well, anything in life really?  You were right when you said I’m not alone Arnie (which I dont think was even related to weight loss….lol) which I’ve always known, however, to have someone interacting with you on a daily/hourly basis is almost like a cup of tea with sugar for me!  I look forward to it; I feel comforted by it; it’s warm and cosy and I wouldnt be without it :o)

WEIGHT LOSS – Well, I’m going to write another blog about this, as it needs further explanation (I’ve got 2 scales that show different weights and I never used one of them for the first couple of weeks!) but the bottom line is, this week, since I’ve used both scales, on the one scale that I’m taking any notice of, I’ve lost 5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!!!  That is bloody unheard of for me!!!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 




~ by tuscanystone on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Weekly Achievements :o)”

  1. Tusc, I know that London has health food stores, I’m sure you can find some kind of chewing gum that is good for you. My local health food store (campbellsnutrition.com) sells a kind of chewing gum made with an alcohol sweetener (xylitol I think) that is proven to kill bad bacteria in your mouth and I don’t think it spikes insulin. Maybe you can find something similar near you? God, I couldn’t live without chewing gum! I used to smoke as well (I gained a lot of weight when I quit).

    I want to add, that I really look forward to reading your posts and comments. They brighten up my day!

    I also wanted to reccomend alternative sweeteners to raw suger. Although, this is definitely a huge improvement over artificial, other sweeteners like honey and agave nectar are lower gi (and may have other health benefits). Also, have you tried Stevia? Stevia is actually supposed to have components that are good for your pancreas, thus helping with blood sugar issues (if memory serves).

    None of the last paragrapth is meant to take away from your awesome achievements. You are doing great!

  2. How did I miss this comment? Sorry Arnie, I didnt see it :o(

    Thank you so much for those gum ideas!! :o) I will check out the health food shops tomow. It would make me very happy to find a replacement :o)

    As for stevia, I have read about it, but forgot about it…lol Thanks for the reminder! I will get some tomow too :o)

    Thanks hun, I love your blogs/comment/posts too!

    Tusc :o)

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