Weight loss – lies, lies and statistics!! ;o)

Hmmm! Where do I start with this one!

Ok, I have 2 scales.  No.1 I bought as it shows 1/4 pounds (very improtant if you’re weighing on a daily basis, I thought!)  No.2 I bought as it shows weight in pounds + fat % + water % (very important if you want to reduce your BMI)

The problem is I weigh anything from 3 to 7lbs difference on them!  It fluctuates daily, but the good news is, after a week of weighing on both, is that I’m always heavier on No.1 and lighter on No.2

The second problem is I only weighed on No.1 when I embarked on this current weight loss plan!

Soooo, as I have now completed a scientific study (lol) of weighing my (slim) friend on both of them and compared their weight to a recent hospital weigh in he had, I am conclusively convinced that scale No.2 is the more accurate one.  

Phew! I hear you say, but that means I really don’t know what I weighed when i started this diet!   Soooo, I have no accurate way of telling you or myself how much I have lost in total.

Anyway, that’s the story.  This week’s weight loss is 5lbs (FIVE POUNDS!!) on scale No.2 so that’s the one that counts!! :o) (Still can’t beleive that I, I the one who loses 1lb every 2 or 3 weeks, has lost 5lbs in one week!!!)

As for loss to date (which has been 3 weeks now) I’m going to take the higher reading, that awful reading that nearly knocked me for six when I stepped on the scale that morning!  The one that made me shift my damn arse into gear.  The one that isn’t accurate!  lol  But anyhow, what the hell does it matter.  So, to date, taking the lowest reading away from the highest, I have lost 13.5lbs!!!!!!  However, I guesstimate that this is more likely to be 8.5lbs!!!  lol   But psychologically, nearly a stone (14lbs) is working wonders for my confidence and motivation :oD

So, my goal is now to lose another 2 stone and 10lbs (that’s 38lbs Arnie!) by end of January.  But my xmas goal is 2 stone (28lbs).  I think that’s about 13 weeks away, so about 2lb per week?  Hope I can achieve that with my new regime ;o)  Anyway, by the end of Jan, when I get to a weight I have not been for 10 years (Jeez!) I will be able to figure if I want to go any lower!  At the end of the day it’s about how I feel and how my clothes fit and indeed, how fit I am!  I refuse to obsess about what my weight should be in accordance with charts and the ‘average’ person.  As we know, none of us are ‘average’ so I dont beleive in all that scary shit.  But maybe I will want to be fatter or skinnier, who knows!  lol  (I doubt it will be fatter ;o)  So I shall take a view when the time comes.   

What with my accomplishments this week – quitting artificial sweetner, upping activity levels, burning fat pre breakfast, drinking green tea, eating some carbs with dinner – I’m at a loss as to what exactly had made me lose 5lbs in a week.  It could be one thing I’ve changed.  It could two in combination.  It could be all of them.  So my one regret (not in a big way…lol) is that I didnt try these things one at a time.  That way I could have shared my weight loss secret with you!  Or at least found out what it was that was stopping me from losing weight.  And conversely what it is that makes me put it ON!!  Still, never mind, I have to see that the weight keeps on moving firstly  (I mean it’s only the first week of all these changes Tusc, calm down!!  lol) and then perhaps experiment when I’m at my goal weight.  I’d like to chew sugar free gum again, for example!!  :oD

Did I say FIVE POUNDS and 2.3% FAT LOST THIS WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   hehe!



~ by tuscanystone on September 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Weight loss – lies, lies and statistics!! ;o)”

  1. GOOD WORK! I think the single weight loss secret was deciding that you were going to lose weight.

    All the rest sounds great. When you get to your goal weight, you need to post before and after photos (maybe you can blur your face or something). Also, be sure to go out and by youself some sexy new clothes to show off your hot new body! And you have my permission to buy some sexy new shoes to go along with your new clothes. 🙂

  2. Nah, I’ve decided to lose weight before. And I’m pretty tenacious too when I want to be, however, I’ve always failed becasue of lack of results! Especially for the last 5 years or so. Acutally, I dont think I’ve been my goal weight for 10 years! I think the PCOS diagnosis was 5 years ago. Anyway, I really think I’ve stumbled across a ‘secret’ this time and my instinct tells me it’s the artificial sweeteners I used to consume. This insulin spike and storage has to be what makes me put ON weight so quickly; I really dont binge eat that often! But I used to eat a LOT of gum and buy LOTS of low sugar (replaced with artificial!) foods. And I’ve put on almost 2 stone (28lbs) in the last 2 years without even trying that hard. Anyway, it’s early days, so I will keep my instincts in check.

    But yes, I can’t wait to wear some figure hugging ‘normal’ clothes. It would be nice to show off a nice waist again as I naturally curve there :o) As for shoes, I never stopped buy them….lol….my feet never got fat so that was my only retail therapy really ;o)

    Let me go dust off my size 10 (US 8?) jeans in preparation………..


  3. oh! About the picture….I really haven’t taken, or allowed anyone to take, a full body pic of me for about 2 years. I don’t mind head and shoulders as most of my weight is around my arse! lol

    Perhaps I’ll take one of those pics where you get a fat pair of jeans and hold open the gap for everyone to see the difference? Then maybe a nice man will jump in there…….LOLOL!!


  4. Ha ha ha… Do you really want a nice man to jump in there, or a naughty, naughty man? 😉

    Artificial sweeteners are baaad news. I don’t think they were ever really intended to be used daily and in large amounts.

  5. Definitely naughty!! I’ve been too good these last few weeks!! Need someone to lead me astray :o)

    Hehe! ;o)

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