Cheat Day!

I’m having a cheat day today.  A day when I can eat and drink anything I want.  This will be the first one after such a great weight loss.  The thing is, I’m feeling a bit scared!  More about drinking than eating, but scared nonetheless.

The thing is I’m actually not a big drinker.  But when I DO drink I drink to excess.  I think they call it binge drinking.  And I know today is going to be one of those days when we drink all day.  It’s not like a few hours down the pub for an evening.  It’s from about 1pm to midnight.  HOW many calories is that going to be?  lol

Ok, let me rationalise my fears:

1. I really don’t want to put the weight back on that I’ve just lost!  ~ Hmmm! there’s no way, if you’ve lost fat, that you’re going to put it back on even if you eat/drink a million calories.  This is going to shake your body up and even if it shows a couple of pounds gain tomow, it will start to let go of fat within a few days IF YOU GET BACK TO THE DIET!!

2. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow, with a hangover, and find that I’m not in the mood to eat properly or exercise!  ~ You’re going to have to force yourself this time!!!!!

3. I don’t want to fall off the diet completely ~ Don’t be silly, read Arnie’s profile and talk to your buddy!:o)

OK, I’m good to go!!!!



~ by tuscanystone on September 21, 2008.

One Response to “Cheat Day!”

  1. Let me add one more comment on your first fear. Even if by some strange chance you gain 5 pounds, it will most certainly be water weight and food in the process of being digested. In a few days you will be back down to where you were and most likely even lower.

    So have fun, eat some good food, and drink some alcohol!

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