My teeth hurt!

What on earth is going on here?  Since I gave up artificial sweetener/gum my teeth hurt more.  They feel more sensitive and the gums are sore. 

Surely I’m missing something here and it’s not the lack of aspartme but something else?  But what?

Hmmm!  How about an increase in oxygen due to increased cardio?


~ by tuscanystone on September 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “My teeth hurt!”

  1. Maybe chewing gum makes your teeth less sensitive?

    I thought you got some gum with Xylitol in it?

  2. I did and I just chewed some. Feels marginally better actually :o)

    I was reading that it could be acid build up from food. Bearing in mind I always chewed gum after eating an apple or eating dinner, then it could be that. I used to chew about 40 pieces of gum per day!!

    Will have to buy some more Spry, but at 85p per packet I can’t afford 4 packets per day……..

    Funny tho eh, who woulda thought that chewing was that beneficial, altho I guess my mouth will get used to not having it too ;o)

  3. Spry, that is what its called. I love the green tea flavor. Don’t chew it too long though or it will break down into this very nasty sludge!

  4. oh, it seems ok on the sludge front. It’s just a minty flavour :o) My teeth/gums seems back to normal today too….hmmm!


  5. Just to let you know, my teeth/gums are back to normal :o) I reckon it was the lack of gum chewing, which is great for dispersing acid and keeping your teeth relatively clean between brushes.

    Who wouldv thought that stopping would cause me such problems.

    Thank you for knowing about Xylitol gum!! I’m truely a happy person having replaced my gum….lol


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