Daily diet regime 24/09/08

Wake up!  (Praise the Lord….lol :o)

Tea with milk + 1 level t/s xylitol :o)

Pre Breakfast workout – 30mins fat burning workout (heart rate between 120 – 140 bpm)

Water – probably 4oz while exercising + 8oz after I finish

Breakfast – Oat cereal with berries + semi-skimmed milk

OR            scrambled eggs with olive oil spread + 1 slice stonebaked toast

Water 8oz

+ green tea

Snack – apple with a slice of ham ( or almonds or cheese)

Tea with milk + xylitol

Lunch –  sweet potato + baked beans

OR          scrambled eggs + bacon + 1 slice organic stonebaked bread with olive oil spread

Green tea

Pre dinner workout – 40 mins interval training (1 minute jogging + 2 minutes brisk walking 130bpm)

twice weekly – upper body muscle toning (sit ups, push ups, dumbells biceps + triceps)

Water – probably 8oz while exercising + 8oz after

Dinner – Roast chicken breast + steamed vegetables + 140calorie chocolate dessert :o)

OR         Poached salmon + steamed vegetables + 140calorie choc dessert :o)

OR         Spaghetti bolognese made up of 1/2 spaghetti and 2/3 meat

OR         Homemade lean lamb + vegetable soup

Supper – maybe some grapes or other fruit


Multi Vits – Extra potency with Amino Acid Chelated minerals (includes chromium, Vit D, magnesium, Inositol etc although not vast quantities)

Cod liver Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Glucosimine + Chodroitin (for my joints :o)


~ by tuscanystone on September 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Daily diet regime 24/09/08”

  1. That looks like a very nicely balanced diet. I counted 36 ounces of water? Is that right. I know I’ve been harping on this, but I really think you should double that. Like I said, I drink at least a gallon per day, not counting coffee/tea.

    One recommendation on your upper body workout, you don’t have anything for your back. I’d recommend bent over dumbbell rows or you can get one of those exercise tubes/bands and put it over a door and do pulldowns. There are also reverse rows, where you lie under a bar and pull yourself up (it’s like a push up, but flipped over).

    I can send you links to diagrams if you are interested.

    You really should work your back and chest together, otherwise you can get imbalances and that can cause back problems later.

    You are getting extra vitamin D and A in your cod liver oil. Throw in a sweet potato and you may be getting too much vitamin A. You might want to add it all up to make sure.

    Evening primrose oil is good (source of GLA).

    I think it looks great! You put this together by yourself?

  2. Hey Arnie, thanks for your observations :o)

    You’re right, I dont think I drink enough water either! I especially dont drink it in the evening as I’m always waking up (2 or 3 times per night) to go to the bathroom as it is! I’ve had this checked out and its nothing sinister, but it sure is annoying!

    Anyhow, I’m going to do my best to increase water intake. I have already added 2 glasses when I woke up this morning. I always dive for the tea, but I know drinking water when you first wake up is very good for you :o)

    I don’t think I could quite reach a gallon tho!!! LOL!! Don’t forget you are twice my size honey ;o) (I was thinking about this yesterday and wondering how you survive on 800 cals per day!!?)

    And yes, thank you for pointing out back workouts. Silly me, I forgot all about my back :o) I do bent over tricep curls so can easily do my back as well. Yes, please forward diagram so I get it right :o)

    What does excess Vitamin A do? I’m only eating sweet potatoe twice per week, if that.

    Yes, I put this together myself, but I can’t claim the credit as it’s just years of following diets and reading about health and nutrition that I’ve formulated a plan that suits me. I’m eating foods that I love to eat, that way I dont feel like I’m dieting. I still have some tweeking to do, as the weight is coming off this week…..but I think I’m still retaining water …..and as I said, I’m allowing too much time between brekky and lunch…..I’ll get there tho! ;o)

    Thanks for your comments, really helpful xx

  3. One Arm Dumbell Row

    Hopefully that will be a link when I submit it. If not, the url is http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.php?Name=One-Arm+Dumbbell+Row

  4. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/exercises.php?Name=One-Arm+Dumbbell+Row

    I tried to submit a comment with a link in it, it may have ended up in your spam section.

  5. cheers honey, I got it :o)

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