Roasted Vegetables :o)


Who on earth wouldn’t?  If you have any kind of problem eating vegetables, then roast them.  You will wonder what you’ve been missing!

My favourite roast veggies are:

butternut squash (mmmmm!)

sweet potatoe

new potatoes


tomatoes (mmmmm!!)


onions (mmmmm!)

sweet peppers (any colour)

Erm, I think that’s it.  But you can roast anything really.

Sprinkle with cumin seeds (mmmmm!)  Add a splash of garlic infused olive oil.

sprinkle with anything really, your fave herbs, whatever, just



mmmmm in parenthesis means I really, REALLY love them…


~ by tuscanystone on September 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Roasted Vegetables :o)”

  1. You forgot my favorite fungus. Mushrooms!

    What are courgettes?

  2. yeah, mushrooms too :o)

    Erm, do you call them zuccini? The look like small cucumbers but have more of a stem at one end.

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