When a calorie is more than a calorie!

Mackerel Fillets ~ ready to eat hot or cold

Yum!  I really fancied mackerel on toast for lunch today.  So I thought I’d go and buy some canned fillets.  I bought 2 tins of ‘Mackerel fillets in a hot chilli dressing’ and 2 tins of ‘Mackerel fillets in tomato sauce’.  I really quite fancied the spicy one’s so I opened the chilli tin first:

OMG, swimming in oil!!!  (I know you wouldnt mind this Arnie but I am conditioned to not eat too much fat on a diet….lol)

So I thought, I can’t eat that, I didnt even fancy it now.  So I opened the tomato sauce tin:

That’s better! :o)  No visible oil, only tomato sauce :o)

Obviousy this then prompted me to look at the calorie content! I didnt think to do this in the shop.  I didnt think there woud be much difference really.  I mean, fish is good on a diet, right?  Lots of Omega 3’s and protein.  Well, let me tell you, big difference:

Chili per 100 g = 296kcal

Tomato sauce per 100g = 96kcal

The tins are 125g each.

So I was going to eat 370 calories if I ate the chilli one, or 120 calories if I ate the tomato one.

A whopping 250 calories difference per tin!!  TWO HUNDRED & FIFTY CALORIES!!  That’s like HUGE!!!

So, there you have it, the moral of this story is: READ THE GODDAMN TIN and then add some chilli!!!  lol



~ by tuscanystone on September 26, 2008.

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