Back on track, mentally!

Well, having had a bit of a mental blip yesterday, where I was a complete drama queen….lol…. angry at myself, angry at the world, not bothering with my poor treadmill…  today I’m feelin a bit more ‘with it’.

I have never quite know why moods fluctuate.  I know it’s a biological thing.  But I have little idea as to how to keep the balance.  I know I need to eat carbs otherwise I go pretty insane.  I know exercise helps.  I know nice things happening helps.  But generally, there is no constant that I can find.

Anyway, I dont’ think it would suit me being on one level.  I have my most fun times when I’m euphoric :o)  Ok, that’s to do with carbs too as I’m usually pissed…..LOL!!!  But seriously, I’ve never been so aware of my moods as I am right now on this diet.  I guess it’s because I’m writing this blog too.  I’m thinking about things on a daily basis, well, sometimes hourly!  I don’t think this is a bad thing.  It’s good to know yourself, you know? 

Well, anyway, seeing as I’m such a good mood I better go and do something productive with it.  Bye!



~ by tuscanystone on September 28, 2008.

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