Shine a light on height!! ;o)

Well stone the crows!  Shine a light!  I think I might have found the answer to my plight!

So there I was all summer, merrily eating the same kind of lunches/dinners (we love restaurants, we could eat 3x Indian’s per week!), drinking the same wines (well, I can’t possibly drink as much as him, but we were off on Euro cup drink ups) and indulging in the same chocolate bars (I probably ate more here!) as my best mate.  So how come I put on a stone (14lbs) this summer and he put on zero.  It was over indulgent for both of us, wasnt it? 


I’m 4’10.5″

He’s 6′

I’m a woman!

He’s a man!

I’ve got a weight problem!

He hasn’t!

And all the time all I could do is bleet on about how damn lucky he was being able to eat and drink whatever he chooses, and how damn unfair life was for me!  Boooohoooo!!

But finally, FINALLY, I have figured out that I just don’t  NEED as many calories as him just breathing, let alone walking or talking or……. I just eat the same as him and store the excess as fat.  FAT, FAT, FAT!  On the Kellogs packet it says a woman should eat 2000 calories per day to sustain a healthy intake.  But hang on, is that woman short, tall, slim, athletic, fat, obese?  What?  It’s all based on an average, and I’m just not ‘average’.  Jeez! 

FINALLY, I’ve figured that my appetite is one of an average person! 

FINALLY, I’ve figured that I just generally eat too much for my height!

Halleluliah!! :oD

My mate doenst overeat or over drink.   He’s never been fat in his life!  He has a healthy diet and a fantastic relationship with food.  He stops eating when he’s full. 

Whereas, I, regardless of if I’m eating healthy diet, I’m just eating TOO MUCH for my height!  I’m just not ABLE to eat like average people.  EVER AGAIN!  I have to adjust my whole eating down and not even consider that ‘I only eat as much as my friend who never has a weight problem’.  The point is that, ALL my mates, family, friends ARE TALLER THAN ME……LOL!!

And so now I’ve figured out that I am short (lol, it only took me 44 years!!) and that my little body only needs a little amount of calorific energy to sustain it, I can, AT LAST figure out how much LESS I need to eat in order to lose this blubber!

Nobody, upon nobody, has ever suggested that I eat less because I’m short! And yes, I’ve been to Doctors and nutritionists cos I’ve been so frustrated about not losing weight! So when ‘normal’ women go on 1500 calorie diets to lose weight and drop 5lbs in their first week, I won’t ever lose weight at that amount.  I have to eat less!  It’s totally useless me having a weight loss buddy where we are eating similar things but she is taller than me.  Cos she is taller than me!  No WONDER I have spent most of my life frustrated by other people losing weight while I struggle.  NO BLOODY WONDER!!

I’m feeling emotional today.  But I’m also feeling a sense of relief!  Knowledge and acceptance leads to the road of recovery! :o)

Perhaps now, I can lose the weight instead of moaning and bleeting on about how difficult it is for me. 

Perhaps now I can take control of my eating.

Perhaps now I can sustain a good and healthy weight for MY HEIGHT!


I owe all of this to my friend Arnie.  Without him directing me to Fitday I would never have figured out my calorific tolerances.  In other words I would never have figured out how little calories I need for my ‘sedentary’ lifestlye, and therefore never been able to adjust my intake down to suit.

Thanks Arnie xx


~ by tuscanystone on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “Shine a light on height!! ;o)”

  1. You are very welcome, my dear. I’m so glad that you had your epiphany!

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