Fat stops you moving properly!

I need to log this today to remind myself that I DO NOT want to EVER get that fat again!!

One of the reasons I started on this weight loss program was because I noticed a few disturbing things about my growing body!  I noticed that my tummy was rubbing on the steering wheel when I was driving.  I found myself bumping into doorway frames.  I always felt ‘heavy’ when I woke up in the morning.  My feet and leg muscles always ache when I first walk in the morning.  My breasts were barely fitting in my bras anymore.  I couldnt pull my tummy in and feel it hit anywhere (can’t really describe this but I’m assuming I had too much fat in the way for the muscle to move properly?).  And I was having troubling epilating my bikini line as my belly was getting in the way!

I think that’s it.  But perhaps those were just the things I couldnt ignore!  Perhaps there were more that will come to me as I lose weight.  I don’t know.  But that’s enough to be getting on with!

I am only 8lbs lighter, but already I’m seeing the difference………

…. today I epilated my bikini line with a much better view!  lol  I felt more agile, my breathing was easier from bending over.  My legs felt more flexible and the whole process was just less hassle!  I smiled to myself and I now can’t wait to see further improvements this time next month!

I also have not found myself bumping into the door frame lately.  I dont know if that’s becasue I’ve lost weight, got used to the weight I am, or just am more careful!  But good news nonetheless :o)

My feet seem to be less sensitive now too!  My legs still ache, but I am on the treadmill most days so I dont mind that ache now.  But my feet are definitely feeling less painful in trainers and when I wake up.  I know this probably had something to do with diabetes and circulation, so I’m over the moon I’m feelin an improvement.

And lastly, pulling my tummy muscles in feels like its going somewhere now…hoorah!

i’m going to report on this next month.  I think it’s important to note and remember how damaging being fat is to my overall health.  I often think of how laboured my breathing got when I was smoking and how I never want to smoke again because I like being able to breathe properly…lol…so this fat thing might work in the same way….a motivation tool………hmmm!


~ by tuscanystone on October 16, 2008.

8 Responses to “Fat stops you moving properly!”

  1. You notice these things about your body as you lose weight, and they just feel wonderful, don’t they?

    To most people, they are probably silly, but I know exactly what you mean, tusc.

    Yesterday, I was scratching my shoulder, and thought “Damn, when did it get so hard back there?” LOL

    I can feel my ribs again, too.

    Pretty cool stuff, isn’t it?

  2. It feels great!! :o)

    Are you sure you were scratching your shoulder!!???? LOL!!

    I can’t wait till goal weight, can you? I just think it’s gonna all feel so yummy!! hehe!!


  3. “Are you sure you were scratching your shoulder!!???? LOL!!”

    Well, I don’t generally scratch what you are talking about…

    I think its going to be good, but then what? We need to keep thinking about the next thing in our lives that we need to handle after we get our weight where we want it to be.

  4. I think we both know what the next thing is!! :o) ;o)

  5. Getting laid like a rockstar? LOL

  6. Well, I wouldnt go that far….lol Perhaps just getting laid would be a good start!? ;o)

  7. Hey Tusc,

    Congrats on seeing the difference!!! I know when I first loss the weight, I felt awesome. It’s the little things that you notice which make you feel like you’ve achieved a step towards a huge (or small in size for that matter) goal in your life.

    Keep it up, you rock!!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R
    Go Healthy Go Fit

  8. Hey Andrew

    Thanks for your support.

    I do visit your blog every day but I still can’t get it to accept any comment I make. I dont know what’s wrong. If you do, then let me know

    Tusc 😮

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