Fat stops you moving properly ~ part2

Well, here I am, a month later, still on my diet, still exercising and still noticing all those fantastic changes in my body that I need to note so I NEVER get that fat again!!

Last month I reported how, at my biggest,  my belly was touching the steering wheel when I was driving.  God, this was so horrible.  I know I’ve got short legs so I sit the nearest you can get to the wheel, but the bloody wheel rubbing against my belly??  WTF!!!  Anyway, you know it’s funny, since last month I havent even thought about this problem.  You know why?  cos it just doesnt happen anymore!!!  😀  I’m absolutely thrilled I’ve got this one solved already 😀 😀

In my post last month, I said I lost 8lbs.  I felt like I’d lost more and I probably did, but this time of the months isn’t a good time for me to weighing as I’m pre-menstrual.  So today I’m going to report a weight loss of 13lbs but I feel like it’s more :o)

So, here I am epilating again.  And what do you know, there are less of my legs to epilate!!!  lol  My ankes are slimmer; they dont have that swelling that was appearing just behind the ankle.  And my shins are just more prominant.  My knees are still quite bulky but really not half as bad as they were.  I’d say the lump of fat at the top side of the knee has halved!  And my thighs are just not half as dimply or as gross as they were getting 😀

I haven’t measured at all.  At the start of this diet, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, so I was too scared!!  I really didnt want to know what my measurements were.  And now I wish I had….lol  I think I must have been scared that I wouldnt lose any weight so thought that ignorance would be bliss?  Hmmm!  Anyway, who knows what fucked up thoughts were going through my head.  The point is that I reckon I’ve lost a good 2″ off my thighs but I can’t prove it…..lol  I’m not that bothered really, the main thing is that I can seeeee it 😀

I did bump into the door frame this week.  But you know, while I was blaming my huge size on that, I think I just get a bit clumsy and unco-ordinated when I’m pre-menstrual….lol  Crazy, mad things that happen to your body at this time.

However, I must log that my pre-menstrual tension, in terms of mood, breast tenderness and fatigue has improved vastly with this diet and exercise regime I’m on.  My ovulation time was crap last month, so I’m hoping that has improved this month too.  But I have to say that generally, I just feel a lot happier and healthier.

I can’t wait till next month!!  I’m trying a new strategy to see if I can lose more fat more quickly.  I’m going to train in my fat burning zone instead of interval training in the mornings and evening.  Im going to increase resistance exercises to 3x per week.  I’ll try this for 2 weeks to see if it makes any difference to the scales.  I’m happy that I’m losing weight slowly, however, I’d really like to rid of another 10lbs by xmas (5 weeks), rather than 6 or 7 lbs.  Not much to ask, is it?? lol

Mind you, with all the parties coming up perhaps I’m being far too ambitious with losing 6 lbs…lol  But we shall see…………………..



~ by tuscanystone on November 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fat stops you moving properly ~ part2”

  1. Good! Thats the stuff you need to focus on: not the scale weight or your pants size, its about how you feel after you realize you can do something you havent been able to do before. You seem to have the right mindset, if you keep it up im sure youll keep the weight off

    Kelly Turner

  2. Hey Kelly

    Thanks for your advice. Don’t get me wrong, I DO have a love/hate relationship with the scales….lol But, you’re right, when they arn’t moving, its good to focus on just how damn good you’re feeling, how far you’ve come and just how much better it can be!! 🙂

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