Confusing men!

It’s an age old problem: men and women just think differently.  Ok, I can understand that BUT why oh why do men have to make it seem so confusing?  Is it just me?  Am I the confusing woman?  Ok, this is the scenario:

Your eyes meet across a bar.  You are attacted to each other.  You make eye contact more than twice.  That’s not an accident is it?  That’s attraction!  Then somehow you end up talking.  You laugh, you flirt, you touch, you even kiss.  Then a the end of the night he asks for your number.  You oblige.  Then you do the dreaded ‘waiting game’.  Does he text/ring the next day?  The day after?  A week later?  Who’s playing it cool here?  And then when he does text/ring you exchange nice and polite messages.  And then, and then…………nothing!  He doesn’t ask you out on a date.  He just texts?????


Please, please tell me what the hell that is all about???



~ by tuscanystone on November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Confusing men!”

  1. i hate that! Why get someone’s number if you have no intention of taking it any farther? I have no advice exceptto try and just forget about it. if he contacts you again, cool, but if not, you arent too invested yet.

    Kelly Turner

  2. Hey Kelly

    Well, he got in contact 😀 We met up. He’s text a few times. I’m not sure about him tho, seems rather too ‘busy’ for my liking, but we shall see. Men just dont seem to have the same impatus about dating, wooing, seducing, etc…… Well, most things really……lol

    Of course there are exceptions, it’s just I seem to meet the one’s that are just hard bloody work!! Grrrrrr!!

    Tusc 🙂

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