Goal jeans!

One of the reasons (there are plenty others, like seeing myself in a picture, a guy I met suggesting I was a size 18, my ever nearing 45th birthday….etc) I started this diet was because I bought a size 12 (UK) pair of jeans (my usual size in my usual store) and I couldnt get them past my knees!  Arghhhh!  I didnt even try them on when I bought them as I have probably lived the last year in denial!  (Nothing like your current jeans elastine content stretching sufficiently to allow you that facade of denial….lol)  So, I bought them, tried them on and hung them up again.  I decided not to take them back as I couldnt possibly buy a 14, or even 16……….no way!

fat_jeans1So these jeans (pic not of me!) have become my ‘goal jeans’.  I try them on every month or so.  I’m not religious about this, I just try then on when I’m feeling particularly svelt!  lol  So I tried them on today!!  And guess what, the still dont fit!!!  lol


they nearly there!!  They have about an inch or so to go.  Pretty much like the pic!  So they are past my knees, past my thighs, past my arse, the only bit they now need to conquer is my belly!!

Before xmas ……………. maybe! 😀


~ by tuscanystone on December 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Goal jeans!”

  1. Hey Tusc,

    I’ve got faith in you!! You’ll get into those jeans for sure, I know it! That’s a really good goal to set for yourself. By losing the weight before Christmas, you’ll be less inclined to go crazy over the holiday, thus keeping the weight off.

    You rock, keep up the great work!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  2. Thanks Andrew. I really am NOT going to overeat this xmas. And I’m trying not to overdrink either! But the invites are slowly coming in, so ……hmmm! We shall see!

    All the best to you too my friend

    tusc :o)

  3. That kinda looks like you. Oh wait. I have no idea what you look like.

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