the 1 minute plank accomplished!

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  I DID IT!!! 

Just 2 months ago I couldn’t even stay ‘planked’ for 10 seconds.  And today, for the first time, I did 60 seconds!!

Less weight to hold up I suppose?  Or abs are just stronger?

Whatever!  I just love seeing exercise progress.  Makes me happy 😀

Now, how about the SUSPENDED PLANK then?……..haha!!



~ by tuscanystone on December 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “the 1 minute plank accomplished!”

  1. congrats!!! Thats so exciting!

    The suspended one is a little kinky- ill leave that for the professionals.

    Kelly Turner

  2. Hey Tusc. Thanks for your comments on my blog and well done on the 1 minute plank. I used to do planks and they are really tough. Holiding it for a full minute is a fantastic achievement. I’ve not done them for quite a while though. Really need to start working them back into my routine.

  3. Tusc,

    You rule! Just so you know, I only hold my planks for a minute… so you’re on the road to whooping my butt in the gym real soon!

    I heard you’ve got tonsillitis… 😦 I’m sorry, I hope you feel better soon!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  4. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks! I really like the plank too and miss it in my sick health! 😦 Thanks for your good wishes, I feel a lot better today 🙂

  5. *sigh* I shall forever sucketh at the planks.

    guess I should start doing them 🙂

    • Hey Miz, I’m sure it was your blog that I saw the plank tutorial on? Was that a one off then?? lol

      tusc 🙂

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