Give & Take

Is life about give and take?  Or are there natural givers and takers in the world? 

In a world full of polar opposites, then it would stand to reason that somewhere in the middle there is BALANCE! 

I think I’m at my most peaceful when I’m balanced.  Don’t get me wrong, I gain an unbelievable amount of pleasure from giving.  I love that feeling of unconditional donation!  I mean, the look on a guys face when you just shower him with ….erm….pleasure!  The smile of gratitude you get when you give an unexpected gesture, gift, smile, touch, thought, hug etc.

But yet, today I’m feeling like I need to take.  God, ‘take’ sounds so harsh.  I don’t mean it like that, I just mean I wish someone would just take some initiative and give me something for a change.  Take me out.  Tickle my back.  Jeez, just ring up and say something nice! 

I think what happens is that you give and give and give and then you get OFF BALANCE!  Today, I’m feeling off balance.  Yes, I think that’s it.  I’ve enjoyed giving but I think I need to sit back and take a little.  Just a little…………


~ by tuscanystone on December 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Give & Take”

  1. I don’t believe it’s selfish or even rude to have the need for human contact in whatever manor you need. Sometimes though, it takes a little nudge to let someone know that you may feel left out while life continued to go on. And just because it’s not spontaneous, doesn’t make it bad.

  2. You’re right Rainman. I suffer from a false sense of pride sometimes. Depends on my mood I suppose. Thank you for your comment; very grounded 😀


  3. great post. happy new year!

    Kelly Turner

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