Xmas weight gain

Well, what can I say!  I was SCARED to jump on the scales this morning.  The last time I weighed was on the 7th of December!  Since then I’ve had tosillitis, a cold and a tooth infection.  I’ve had a whole month and 5 days of ZERO exercise (I haven’t felt well enough).  I’ve eaten, pretty much, what I’ve fancied.  I’ve drank more alcohol than I should have!  I’ve been out with pain killers in my bag and I’ve slept it off the next day.

And I wonder why I’m scared to weigh?   lol

So, I lost 16lbs up to the 7th Dec.  Was feeling rather pleased with myself.  Back into all my size 12’s (UK) and feeling strong and fit. 

Today, I feel these 12 jeans I have on are tighter on me.  I feel pretty sluggish and like I REALLY need to get back to where I was!

So, I jump on the scales and, to my utter surprise and amazement, I have ONLY gained 3lbs!!!

 I can live with that 😀

20mins on the elliptical this morning and my heart rate is thumping!!  Probably about 20bpm more than it was at the beginning of Dec.   I dont know if its the remnants of the cold I still have,  if I’ve just got so unfit over the festive period, or if I’m about to have a cardiac arrest!!  But I guess I better take it easy till it drops again.

Eating is back to diet calorie intake.  Feeling the headache withdrawal, but not hungry.  I’m really looking forward to losing the 3lb gain pretty quick (this week would be nice!!).  Then that puts me back on track for my 30lbs before Easter.  Ok, that might be a bit ambitious, so I’ll live with losing 20lbs by Easter.

Deep breath, here we go……………….. motivation, dedication, inspiration!


~ by tuscanystone on January 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Xmas weight gain”

  1. Wow Tusc. Good to hear that your Christmas weight gain wasn’t as much as you anticipated. 20lbs before Easter would be a fanatstic achievement. Good luck.

  2. @Tom – many thanks for your support hun. 20lbs in 12 weeks is achievable IF I’m good. Something to aim for anyhow 😀

  3. GREAT attitude! here’s to 20 pounds!

    Kelly Turner

  4. Three pounds!? Not fair!

  5. @Kelly – thanks for the support hun. I will be doing lots of burpees!! lol

    @Charlie – hate to say this hun, but I’ve lost 2lbs already 😉 I guess it was just over indulgent water weight! Hoorah!! What’s your Easter goal then?

  6. Knowing you got some weight to go and having a goal to get there is more than half the battle. Kick back from the beers a little and you’ll get there. 🙂

  7. Cheers Tom, I’m on the wagon for the whole of January! That’s my promise to myself. I’ve already turned down 2 social events this week! Oh well, boring, but has to be done! Makes up for my December Bender!! lol 😉

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