Goal jeans ~ part2

Well, I jumped on the scales today and they are messing me about!  I know I’ve lost weight!  I can feel it!!  But those damn scales say I’m the same 😦  My fat percentage is down so I guess I’m up on muscle.  Great, but I still want to see the weight coming off.  So, I refer to Plan B ~ Try the goal jeans on!!

Ha!  They fit! 😀

Ok, I’m not about to wear them yet as there is too much muffin top to bear, however, they do up. The button does up and the zip is up.  HOOOOOOORAH!!

I’m actually thrilled as it proves that a)I am losing weight and b)the scales are wrong!

I think I’m ready to measure my progress now.  I wasn’t happy doing this before as I just didnt want to know how big I’d got.  But now I’m down to a reasonable size again, I think I’ll chart my measurements.  I dont trust those damn scales 😉


~ by tuscanystone on January 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Goal jeans ~ part2”

  1. Way to go Tusc! Good for you, don’t worry about the scale, focus on the jeans!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R

  2. awesome! Thats great-! Plus, more clothes!

    Kelly Turner

  3. Thanks for your support my fitness friends 😀

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