Cheat day ’09! Progress ’09!

Well, it’s the 6th of Feb (already!) and I think it’s time to chart some progress.

I’m having a cheat day today.  Going out on the lash later!  Am really looking forward to seeing my mates and just generally letting my hair down as I’ve been sooooooooooooooooooooooo good since the 3rd Jan.!!   That’s 34 days sober!!  After the xmas/Dec. blur and (coincidental?) illnesses, I needed to be kind to my body.

 Apologies in advance to body for bad, bad treatment this evening…..hehe! 😀

 Have lost 19lbs in total.  I thought I would be celebrating another 2lbs by now, but the scale seems to have got stuck for the last 10 days.  No matter, have lost inches as my clothes are fitting much better and I can almost see my knee caps again! 🙂

 That leaves me 17lbs to lose by Easter.  Ok, that’s still achieveable IF that 2lbs(that I think I’ve lost) shows up after my cheat day!   I’m NOT being a SLAVE TO THE SCALES, as i know I’ve lost inches.   So I should really set myself another ‘inch’ goal, shoudln’t I?   Ok, by Easter, I need to be fitting into my size 10 Gap jeans.  These are my new goal jeans as they are about 2.5 inches from doing up at the moment!   Gosh!  I’ll be over the moon to be wearing those by Easter 😀

 Body wise, I’m a bit disappointed that I’m losing more inches off my top half than my bottom! 😦  I know that you can’t spot reduce, but I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong in terms of using the elliptical too much or not doing enough strength exercised on my legs/bum.  

 I know I’m a classic pear shape and it’s tough really, however, I have looked back on old measurments and the proportion is growing the wrong way!  Is this age, I wonder?   Hmmm!  Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!!

Still, to leave on a positive note, I am slimmer than I’ve been for 2 years!!   Lets hope someone else doesn’t come along to break my heart!  🙂


~ by tuscanystone on February 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “Cheat day ’09! Progress ’09!”

  1. Cheat away Tuscany and enjoy yourself. The pounds and inches are very impressive and once the warmer weather drops by, you’ll be much more inclined to reach your goal.

  2. Tuscany,

    I have a cardio tip for you to lose fat a little quicker.

    1) Do intense cardio of some sort for 10-15 minutes.
    2) Rest 5 minutes
    3) Then do steady state cardio at a moderate pace for 20-30 minutes.

    Intense cardio has been shown to release fat from your fat cells in the blood stream. The 5 minutes of rest allows your body time to full release these fatty acids into your blood stream. The stready state cardio then uses this “fat for energy” and will access this fat better since it is freely available.

    I have a little mini-course on this here:

    This should help quite a bit,


  3. @Tom – I’m hoping to meet my goals before the hot weather gets here so I can relax and enjoy my new figure in shorts! 😉 That’s the plan anyhow. I enjoyed my cheat day tho, made a nice change not thinking about calories for a day 🙂 Thanks for popping by.

    @ Rusty – Wow! I dont know if your comment is a conincidence or what, but I popped by your blog this week and read the very same post you are talking about! I have also followed your recommendation twice this week on my elliptical and really enjoyed it. If it burns more fat, all the better! I can’t really tell you if it’s working yet but I’ll keep it up for a while and let you know. Thanks so much for sharing your tips 😀

  4. wow wow wow! Congrats on the 17lbs lost, that is AWESOME! I too lost a ton on my top half, so so sad. But I’d rather complain about loosing my boobies then still be complaining about being fat! Anyways – CONGRATS, you are doing so well!

  5. Hey Jen, thanks for your awesome support! You’re my inspiration!!

    And yeah, as long as my bottom half gets to a reasonable size, I dont mind being smaller on top. It’s our inherrant shape and that’s that!

    Tusc 😀

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