Don’t throw away your scales!!

Ok, I agree, the scales lie.  But why do people keep on saying you should throw your scales out?  They might lie, but they still measure progress up to a certain point!

Ok, I agree if you have 10 – 14lbs to go and you are busy working out and building muscle, then you shouldn’t be bothering about how much you weigh per se!   How you look and how your clothes are fitting is far more important.

But for those of us that are still struggling to get that far down the line, the scales count.  Ok, they are frustrating when they dont show a loss for 2 weeks.  Ok, they are puzzling when you lose 3lbs one day and put on 1.5lbs the next day.  At times like this, it’s good to measure too so you can offset the doom and gloom! 

But the thing with those awful scales is that they keep you on the straight and narrow!!  They can stop you putting ON weight!

Just a short story:

I threw my scales out years ago.  I didnt want to be a slave to them.  I didnt want to think about how much I weighed.  I wanted to be FREE!!  And guess what?  My safety net went to pot!  I put on more weight than I’ve ever put on in my life.  Yes, it was gradual.  Yes, it took ‘years’!  However, when I got on the scales 6 months ago I COULD NOT BELEIVE how much I weighed!  I put on 3 stone without even thinking about it.  I still wore my old jeans, albeit a bit tight, but NOWAY did I, in my wildest dreams, think I weighed so much.

So now, no-one can tell me to chuck them out.  This time, even after I get to my goal size, I’m going to check up on myself at least once a month, probably more!   As far as I’m concerned, getting a handle on 7lbs is far easier than 50lbs!

So keep the scales!!  JUST DON’T BECOME A SLAVE TO THEM!  Don’t trust them!  THEY LIE!!   Don’t rely on them.  But get to know them.   Don’t winge and moan if you can’t see a loss.  Measure too!  😉


~ by tuscanystone on February 16, 2009.

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