All change with the routine!

Arggghhhh!!  Weight loss has slowed down.  I’m getting frustrated that I haven’t hit the 2stone mark yet.  I started this blog 6 months ago and, in essence, I started the weight loss plan 6 months ago. 

OK, I had December off!

OK, I spent 6 weeks doing it all wrong! (Namely I didnt log my food intake at first)

OK, I had more cheat days in Feb than is possible for someone on a ‘diet’!!  So it’s quite unreasonable for me to expect to lose much (any) weight that month!


Ha!  I’m feeling better already !  I love it when I can come here and talk to myself!!  🙂


Ok, so in terms or hard dieting and exercise I’ve probably only been good for 4 months!!  lol

That sounds better, doesnt it????  Yes Tusc, it does!

However, I have noticed something today that I need to address.  Namely, I’m letting things slip into my diet that I’m not counting as my calorie intake:


I dont count olive oil that I add to roast veg

I don’t count xylitol sugar or skim milk I add to tea and coffee

I don’t count apple sauce I add to pork chops

I don’t count bread crumbs I add to chicken or pork

I dont count xyltiol gum that I chew

I don’t count supplements that I take (I read on another blog that someone was counting this and it never entered my head!)

So look, this is the deal:

As you lose weight, you need less calories, right?

sooo, even though I’ve been keeping my calorie count to under 12oo per day, I figure that I’m adding another 100 cals per day with stuff I don’t count.

So, what I think I should do, is drop down by 100 cals per day so that I’m actually eating 1200!   In other words, I’m going to stick to under 1100 per day. 

Hopefully that shift will see me dropping off some more weight in the next few weeks.  It’s 4 weeks to Easter and I’m way off my goal 36lbs by Easter(currently only lost 23lbs)  so I really, really, really wanna speed things up!  I know I won’t lose 13lbs in 4 weeks, but cracking the 2stone and possibly 30lbs by Easter would be great!

I’m also changing my circuits and intervals around.  You know what I think?  This body needs a shake up!

So really, I just wanted to log the change in my routine from today……

watch this space…………. 🙂


~ by tuscanystone on March 9, 2009.

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