Fed up!

25lbs lost ~ 23lbs to go!

Lordy, when will this weight loss end!!!   The pounds are coming off so slow these days that I’m getting fed up with being on a bloomin diet!  It’s not the diet really, its’ the knock on effect it’s having on my social life.  My social life is based around drinking and eating!!  So I have to limit myself on the amount of days that I go out with friends.  Or if I go out I have to watch what I’m eating or drinking. 

I know that if I want to be fit and healthy then I need to limit these things anyway, but, you know, I really ENJOY going out for a nice meal and drinking a bottle of wine.  It’s never been an every day occurance, just once a week…..or maybe twice 😀

So, I went out a couple weeks ago (last week of Feb) and had so many events going on mid week that I ended up lapsing for almost a week.  I then told myself I wouldn’t be out again till the end of March, the 28th, a friends birthday party.  But, I think I’m going to have to break that and go out tonight, otherwise I’m going to go insane……………

Damn!  I wish I didnt have to have this devil/angel argument.  Yes, I want to get the weight loss over and done with and going out with reckless abondon is just going to prolong the agony.  But.  If I stay in for another week………oh Lordy…..I’m going……..

I can’t wait to be slim again and not have to worry about it.    That is for sure……………


~ by tuscanystone on March 14, 2009.

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