No more goal jeans! :)

No, I didnt lose them or set fire to them.  They are no more a goal because they fit!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooooo hooooooooo!!!

This is what I said in Feb:

That leaves me 17lbs to lose by Easter.  Ok, that’s still achieveable IF that 2lbs(that I think I’ve lost) shows up after my cheat day!   I’m NOT being a SLAVE TO THE SCALES, as i know I’ve lost inches.   So I should really set myself another ‘inch’ goal, shoudln’t I?   Ok, by Easter, I need to be fitting into my size 10 Gap jeans.  These are my new goal jeans as they are about 2.5 inches from doing up at the moment!   Gosh!  I’ll be over the moon to be wearing those by Easter 😀

 Well there it is in black and white (I love blogging!).  I didnt reach my weight goal but I sure as hell reached my jeans goal!!!!  I’m so chuffed with myself today.  I’m going to eat myself the promised chocolate easter eggs on Sunday.  I haven’t had a chocolate for 6 months!  But you know, I bloody deserve it now…..haha!!

Where are my celebration gorilla’s……ah!  there they are 😀



Now I need to go buy some jeans that don’t fit me!!!  lol  I’d like to drop another dress size.  I’m a comfortable 12 now, but would like to be a comfortable 10.  Yes, I know I now FIT INTO my size 10 gap jeans, but they are old and probably stretched.  Perhaps I’ll go buy some new ones…….I must admit, the scales do my head in!!  It’s so much nicer just to feel good in my clothes again 😀

So, for my next goal:  I want to wear my hipster black jeans (that I also just tried on and they fit! But they are too muffin top to wear!) by the 26th June when I go and see The Killers in Hyde park!  Now that would be just dandy!

Weight lost 27lbs ~ Weight to lose 21lbs (ok, I still need to log it even though I realise my weight goals are a bit pointless!)  I must add that I do a lot of resistance training and I definitly am more muscly all over than I was.

See you in June then 😀


~ by tuscanystone on April 9, 2009.

One Response to “No more goal jeans! :)”

  1. WAHOO!!! I’m totally jumping up and down for you, you are doing awesome! Can’t wait till June, see you then!

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