Is age nature’s curse?

I’m feeling quite reflective today.  Why is life so fraught with dilemma’s? :

On one hand I met a guy around my age. 41 to be precise.  He’s so hung up with his ex wife and 5 kids and his newly discovered half-siblings and his shift pattern and his associated baggage, that he’s forgetting that he has a girl here that quite likes him!  I know he quite likes me too.  But! I’m getting pretty frustrated waiting for his elusive text or phone call or, dare I say it, mention of another date?  He’s so wrapped up in his 41 years of drama, that he seems to have forgotten the simple things in life this week….me!

On the other hand, I met a younger guy.  He wont’ tell me his age, but lets assume he’s 26yrs.  He’s just not old enough to have all that shit going on in his life. Life is simple for him.  No marragie, no kids, just work and shagging!  “You wanna meet up?”  What for, I say.  “A few drinks, a shag?”  I really dont even see that as an insult.  Jeez, why IS life more complicated than that? 

And here I am.  In my mid life crisis (?).  Thinking, I can’t possible go shag a guy young enough to be my son.  Can I ?  Can I really have a night or two of lust and care-free pleasure?  Or is that not allowed in our age-obsessed society?  Why do I feel it’s so wrong?  He’s old enough to make his own mind up, isn’t he?  And I guess I’m old enough to know better…..

To be honest, I ‘d rather the care free pleasure with Mr Baggage!  But I can’t see him getting over his damn hang ups anytime soon. 

Tra- la- la- la- lala- laaaa   Hmmmm!  I guess I’ll just go shopping………….. :S


~ by tuscanystone on May 10, 2009.

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