12 foods to eat everyday:

Jeez!  Is it really July already?

I’ve been very lax on my diet for the last couple of months.  I love summer and absolutely cannot stick to a colorie controlled diet when there are so many social events going on.  And, so much alcohol to be drunk!!  lol  But hey, I still try and eat healthily inbetween bouts of indulgence and am managing to maintain my weight.  I’ve decided to tackle the next few pounds of weight loss come autumn.  Until then, here’s a list of 12 things  I’ve just come across that we should be eating every day to maintain good health:

Yogurt ~ Yoghurt is our number one food of the year, purely because it’s easy to fit into your diet and is packed with so much goodness. The probiotic organisms in the right kind of yoghurt (make sure the packaging says ‘live and active cultures’) boost the levels of good bacteria in your gut and protect the body against infections and even cancer. Yoghurt is also a great substitute for dairy, and if you think you’re consuming too much of the latter then try adding some yoghurt to your breakfast cereal in the morning – we promise you won’t regret it.


Tomatoes ~  Preventing cancer, keeping your heart healthy and boosting immunity, this really is one food deserving of the title ‘super.’ And remember, the redder the better, as this means they contain more lycopene, which is known to fight cancer.


Carrots ~ Carotenoids – the compound which gives red, yellow and orange fruit and vegetables their rich colour – are the key to the mighty power of carrots. These help them to fight cancer and reduce the risk of conditions such as asthma and athritis and, yes, protect your eyesight.


Berries ~ It doesn’t matter what kind, berries are just so jam-packed with good things that you’d be a fool to miss out on! Rich in fibre and vitamins, berries such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are known to boost brain-power, fight cancer, improve your immune system and the health of your heart.


Beans ~ Beans are, among other things, great for your heart. The other piece of good news is that there are many varieties to choose from, including black beans (which are thought to also improve your brain), lentils, kidney, fava, lima and peas. So get stuck in


Oats ~ Oats, in the form of porridge, granola or muesli, is known to protect the heart, increase fiber intake and help muscles to grow. Oats are also a fab source of slow-release carbs, meaning you’ll stay full for longer and feel full of energy.


Oranges ~ Everyone knows that oranges, or orange juice, are a great source of vitamin C, something which the human body can’t produce on its own. But oranges are also believed to contain phytonutrients and other antioxidants which lower blood pressure and keep the heart healthy.


Bran ~ Bran, used to enrich breads and cereals, is an excellent source of dietary fibre, which is known to promote good colorectal health and has also been linked with heart health.


Spinach ~ Popeye wasn’t lying – spinach really is good for your muscles. Full of omega-3s and folate, spinach also prevents against heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Spinach also contains lutein, which is known to fight the ageing process.


Walnuts ~ Walnuts are packed with omega-3, polyphenols and protien, making them healthier than any of the other nuts out there. They help muscles grow, stimulate the brain, fight cancer and keep the heart and immune system healthy.


Banana’s ~ Ever wondered why you always see top athletes, such as tennis players at Wimbledon, wolfing down bananas whenever they get a chance? That’s because bananas are full of B vitamins, which give us energy, and potassium, which protects the heart. One banana a day is thought to seriously reduce blood pressure and protect the body against atherosclerosis, a build-up of fatty acids in the arteries. 


Olive Oil ~ Most of us cook with it now anyway, but if you don’t, then you should be aware that olive oil is one of the best sources of monounsaturated fatty acids and can protect us from heart disease by controlling levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body while boosting ‘good’ cholesterol levels. Olive oil is also known to contain antioxidants.


Enjoy! 🙂


~ by tuscanystone on July 7, 2009.

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