Summer is nearly over :(

I thought I’d better start thinking abou tthe end of summer and beginning of my weight loss programme again.

 I’ve had such a lovely indulgent summer 🙂  It’s been great!  But obviously I’ve put on weight.  And now I’m feeling it!  That awful bloated feeling when your jeans fit tight and your belly hangs over them!  I’m finding myself wearing baggy clothes again to hide it.  I’m starting to feel uncomfortable again……damn!

 I loved that feeling of my jeans feeling too big for me.  And now they’re tight.  I loved that feeling of pulling in my stomach and feeling it hit my spine.  Now it’s stuck in the middle again.

 It’s nearly September.  The days are getting shorter.  The nights are drawing in.  It’s time to stay in, watch movies and eat less.  Drink no alcohol.  Exercise lots.  (Mind you, I’ve maintained my exercise programe mostly this summer – I’m pretty proud of that 🙂


It’s time to lose fat again!!!  It’s time to get serious again.  It’s time to blog and food journal and stay in.  Get slender for xmas.  That’s my new goal.  Xmas and New year and my birthday.  It’s time to lose 20lbs by December.  oh yeah!



~ by tuscanystone on August 29, 2009.

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