Diet time again……..

Right, here we go……….again!  lol

Had a lovely summer indulging in pretty much any food and drink that I fancied.  Weighed this morning and have put on a stone of water plus fat.  (will know by the weekend how much water as period due in 5 days).

I want to record that I FEEL fat again!  All my jeans are really tight and my midriff is bulging over the top again.  I really dont know why I put on weight so easily.  I actually haven’t even eaten any chocolate!!  But hey, the facts are that I can’t eat KFC once a week without putting on weight.  Oh!  And I had a thing about ice-cream which I’m sure added to my woes.

Well, on the positive side, I know that I am capable of losing it, as i did it before.

I owe it to myself to diet for 3 months of a year – sept, oct, Nov – then I can relax for the xmas festivities again and then start again in Jan in preparation for next summer. 

I FEEL so much better when I’m lighter.

If only I could get there and stay there! 

Anyway, I’m going to eat one meal per day for a couple of weeks.  Give my body a chance to kick in some HGH during the day and then just enjoy a lovely dinner and yogurt afterwards – about 600 cals.  That should detox all the crap and just psyche me up for the next 3 months. 

My goal is to lose 20lbs by December/xmas 🙂

I need to log my progress on here and when I finish the fast, to record all my calories.

Exercise is my usual HIIT which I love anyhow…..

Diet is 80% of the battle tho……….diet, diet, DIET!!


~ by tuscanystone on September 7, 2009.

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