Week 1 over

Well, what a miserable weekend I had feeling sorry for myself for not being able to go out 😦  It just goes to show how used to going out and drinking I had got during the summer.  I miss it!  Not sure it that’s the alcohol I miss, which is a bit sad, or the company, or the summer even, but hey, I got through it.

I lost 4lbs the first day of weighing last week 🙂  Sounds a lot, but I know its a lot of water weight from the binge at the weekend before.

And, I didnt lose any more. 😦

I’m pretty pissed off about that as I was ‘good’ all week.  Ate sensibly, logged my calories, exercised 5/7.

but…… I think I went wrong with increasing my food intake throughout the week and even eating carbs at night!  I guess I thought I could get away with it seeing as I didnt eat much on Monday and Tuesday, but the result is clear to see. 

So, this week it’s buckle down and drop the carbs.  Stick to 1100 calories per day.  Do a 20 hour fast on Monday and thursday and, hopefully, by sunday, drop another few pounds. 

sunday, I’m going out 🙂


~ by tuscanystone on September 14, 2009.

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