End of week 2

Well, I know I said I’d have a cheat day once a fortnight, but 3 days in a row????  lol

Consequently from losing 4lbs week 1, 3lbs week 2 and 2 lbs after cheat 1 (=9lbs), I have managed to gain 6lbs, so a net loss of 3lbs.  I dont think that’s a true reading, so I’ll wait for a couple days before I get too depressed about it…lol

I fasted yesterday, Monday, until dinner and then went for an Indian, where I only ate fish and salad and a poppadom.  I think maybe it was saltly though, so I am probably retaining some water.

This week I’m going to do much of the same as last week.  Fast for 20 hours twice and stick to 1000 cals on other days.  I was reading a really good take by a guy called John Barban and he’s all for going fast and furious in this weight loss thing.  He dispels the myth that your body goes into starvation mode and think that people stick to diets if they are goal driven, eg. I want to lose a stone in a month and will do anything to get there…..

That’s suits me fine 🙂  I’d love to lose a stone in a month!!  I’m just worried about how quickly you put it back on tho!!  Although, he does cover this and says that you regain some (water/fecal weight) but don’t regain fat that quickly.  Hmmm!  Lets see what happens in the next 2 weeks.


~ by tuscanystone on September 22, 2009.

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