the benefits of weight gain!

It seems that I’ve been on a life long diet.  I think I was about 12 when I first became weight conscious.  I take after my mum; she was the one who was always doing the Jane Fonda workout and starting a diet every monday!! 

I took to measuring and weighing with my Mum and sister when I was a teenager.  I still have the chart somewhere.  At the time I weiged 7stone 13lbs!  Wow!   On a diet at under 8stone!!!  Seems laughable now.

So anyway, I got to thinking the other day.  I am 46years old now.  And still struggling with my weight.  Still on a diet.  Still measuring and weighing and looking for that ‘quick fix’. But you know, and the point of this post, is that I feel fitter than I ever have in my life.   Part of that is probably due to quiting smoking 5 years ago. After 24 years on the evil week I couldnt possibly have been ‘fit’.  The other reason is exercise.  I have jumped and bounced my way through the Jance Fonda’s, the Rosemary Connelly’s, the wobble it with wilbert aerobics, the step aerobics, the holloywood burn, the fat burning zone and other fad over the last 30 years that you can think of.

Now?  Now I’m into HIIT training and I skip a lot 🙂  I can do man push ups and burpees and train till my chest is going to burst.  I feel great!

I’m still overweight tho!!  That’s the point.  If I wasnt exercising the hope to lose weight then I probably wouldnt!  When I’m not dieting I dont exercise much.  Hence why I’m always yo-yoing with my weight.  But through that yo-yo I’ve managed to be 46 years old and fit.  Ok, I could lose 20lbs, and wow, if and when that ever comes off I could be fitter still.  But for now, I’m happy that I’ve had a weight problem as its kept me fit.



~ by tuscanystone on April 30, 2010.

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