About me

hello to anyone that drops by here 😀

I set up a blog as I was going through a time when everyone and everything was frustrating me and I didnt have the strength or courage to tell them to 1) buck up or 2) piss off!  🙂  You know those times when you really can’t say what you think?  I mean what you REALLY think?  So I set this blog up to get a few things off my proverbial chest!   The annonanimity of a blog gives you the right to free speach, right?  So that’s why you won’t find any pictures of me on here.  I really dont want anyone that knows me to find me!!  😉  And I dont really mind if anyone reads my ramblings or not.  The important thing is that I’m free to express myself….ohhh yeahhhh!! 

But hey, what you can know, if you’re interested, is that I’m a 44 year old female from London, UK.  I think I’m a nice person and perhaps dont say what I feel enough.  And then there are other times when people tell me I’m too honest!  I’m a very proud person.  Very humble, very modest.  But also stubbon, far too emotional and sometimes a bit too black and white!  I really dont know how others percieve me, I know I have a lovely set of friends if that stand for anything?  But, for the purposes of this blog, it doesnt really matter.  So I’m kinda enjoying the whole blogging adventure as I can express my true thoughts without any compromise both on here and in my comments on other blogs.  Of course, as I get to know people, I’ll probably surpress again, but hey, it was good while it lasted 😀


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