the benefits of weight gain!

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It seems that I’ve been on a life long diet.  I think I was about 12 when I first became weight conscious.  I take after my mum; she was the one who was always doing the Jane Fonda workout and starting a diet every monday!! 

I took to measuring and weighing with my Mum and sister when I was a teenager.  I still have the chart somewhere.  At the time I weiged 7stone 13lbs!  Wow!   On a diet at under 8stone!!!  Seems laughable now.

So anyway, I got to thinking the other day.  I am 46years old now.  And still struggling with my weight.  Still on a diet.  Still measuring and weighing and looking for that ‘quick fix’. But you know, and the point of this post, is that I feel fitter than I ever have in my life.   Part of that is probably due to quiting smoking 5 years ago. After 24 years on the evil week I couldnt possibly have been ‘fit’.  The other reason is exercise.  I have jumped and bounced my way through the Jance Fonda’s, the Rosemary Connelly’s, the wobble it with wilbert aerobics, the step aerobics, the holloywood burn, the fat burning zone and other fad over the last 30 years that you can think of.

Now?  Now I’m into HIIT training and I skip a lot 🙂  I can do man push ups and burpees and train till my chest is going to burst.  I feel great!

I’m still overweight tho!!  That’s the point.  If I wasnt exercising the hope to lose weight then I probably wouldnt!  When I’m not dieting I dont exercise much.  Hence why I’m always yo-yoing with my weight.  But through that yo-yo I’ve managed to be 46 years old and fit.  Ok, I could lose 20lbs, and wow, if and when that ever comes off I could be fitter still.  But for now, I’m happy that I’ve had a weight problem as its kept me fit.



speak your truth with gentleness and love!

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On this day of your life, Anna, I believe God wants you to know…

…that the goodness in your life does not come to you

from someone else. When you see this, you will be free.

There is no reason and no need to “play up” to another,

or to try to remain in their good graces. Remain in your

own, by not betraying yourself. Simply speak your truth,

with gentleness and love.

And have courage, for what you seek is not outside of

you. It is not a gift from another person. It is yours — to

give, not to acquire. Let no one, therefore, hold you

hostage. Not your partner, not your boss, not your

family…and certainly not your God.

You know right now exactly why you received this

message today.

Fat loss tips by Isabel De los Rios via TT

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10 Fat Loss Secrets I Learned (or Re-confirmed) in 2009

By: Isabel De Los Rios

1.  There is no one diet that is “the best” or will work for everyone.

Use your own body as your guide and let your results be your indicator of whether or not you’re doing what’s best for you. Always pay attention to what your body tells you, NOT what somebody else is doing.

2.  The best way to measure your fat loss is by using a mirror!

No matter what the scale says, how you look and feel is always more important than numbers.  You can reconfirm your progress by taking body measurements and taking pictures, but if you look good…you look good and it doesn’t matter what the scale says.body transformation

3.  Omega 3’s are an absolute must for fat loss.

Make salmon, sardines, flaxseeds, walnuts and a high quality Omega 3 supplement a part of your daily meal plans.  The difference with and without them is incredible!

4.  You must be moving your bowels regularly in order to see your body lose fat (2 – 3 times per day, preferably 3).

If you’re not, sip on water with lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper all through the day until you have reached 2-3 bowel movements per day.  You diet 10 Fat Loss Tipscan not eliminate bad fat if your body is holding on to all that sludge in your intestines.

5.  You absolutely cannot out exercise bad nutrition.

Your workouts are 20-30% of the fat loss equation and nutrition is 70-80%.  If you’re exercising regularly and not seeing fat loss results, you must make an adjustment to your nutrition.

6.  Cheat days (or an off day) are absolutely essential to the fat loss equation.

Take one day out of the week and eat whatever you like but without gorging yourself.  It will not only give you a metabolism boost but it is a great mental break when following a fat loss meal solution program

7.  If you are eating wholesome, un-processed foods, you can eat massive quantities all day and still lose fat and get lean.

If your day is filled with natural proteins, fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and healthy oils, you’ll never have to count a single calorie ever again.

8.  Fat loss is not only about what you eat and how you train but also about the thoughts you have each day.

Stop your pessimistic talk and outlook and start to see things on the bright side and your success will be much faster.bally 046small 10 Fat Loss Tips

9.  Working out is not just about the exercises you do at the gym.

The leanest and most fit people lead active lifestyles…play with their kids, take dogs for a walk, keep busy around the house.  How do you spend your day?

10.  Finding a support system, group or partner almost doubles the rate at which you will see fat loss results (and maintain them).

Find and establish your own support system (spouse, co-worker, online group) and let them know EXACTLY (be specific) what your goals are.

End of week 2

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Well, I know I said I’d have a cheat day once a fortnight, but 3 days in a row????  lol

Consequently from losing 4lbs week 1, 3lbs week 2 and 2 lbs after cheat 1 (=9lbs), I have managed to gain 6lbs, so a net loss of 3lbs.  I dont think that’s a true reading, so I’ll wait for a couple days before I get too depressed about it…lol

I fasted yesterday, Monday, until dinner and then went for an Indian, where I only ate fish and salad and a poppadom.  I think maybe it was saltly though, so I am probably retaining some water.

This week I’m going to do much of the same as last week.  Fast for 20 hours twice and stick to 1000 cals on other days.  I was reading a really good take by a guy called John Barban and he’s all for going fast and furious in this weight loss thing.  He dispels the myth that your body goes into starvation mode and think that people stick to diets if they are goal driven, eg. I want to lose a stone in a month and will do anything to get there…..

That’s suits me fine 🙂  I’d love to lose a stone in a month!!  I’m just worried about how quickly you put it back on tho!!  Although, he does cover this and says that you regain some (water/fecal weight) but don’t regain fat that quickly.  Hmmm!  Lets see what happens in the next 2 weeks.

Week 1 over

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Well, what a miserable weekend I had feeling sorry for myself for not being able to go out 😦  It just goes to show how used to going out and drinking I had got during the summer.  I miss it!  Not sure it that’s the alcohol I miss, which is a bit sad, or the company, or the summer even, but hey, I got through it.

I lost 4lbs the first day of weighing last week 🙂  Sounds a lot, but I know its a lot of water weight from the binge at the weekend before.

And, I didnt lose any more. 😦

I’m pretty pissed off about that as I was ‘good’ all week.  Ate sensibly, logged my calories, exercised 5/7.

but…… I think I went wrong with increasing my food intake throughout the week and even eating carbs at night!  I guess I thought I could get away with it seeing as I didnt eat much on Monday and Tuesday, but the result is clear to see. 

So, this week it’s buckle down and drop the carbs.  Stick to 1100 calories per day.  Do a 20 hour fast on Monday and thursday and, hopefully, by sunday, drop another few pounds. 

sunday, I’m going out 🙂

day 1 (part 2)

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Well, it’s 1.30am and I’ve managed to eat ONLY one meal (dinner) which was roast chicken with breadcrumbs, roast tomatoes, roast sweet potato chips and steamed brocolli.  Then, 4 hours later, I had a fruit corner yogurt 🙂

I don’t feel hungry!

And seeing as its day 1 and all I did is spend the weekend stuffing my face, I’m quite surprised by that.

Neither do I feel any carb withdrawal headaches!  Hmm!

Now, could this be due to the fast till 9pm?  I only drank green tea or water?  The exercise I did about 5pm?  The extra sleep I had in preparation?  I really don’t know, but what I do know, is that having eaten not much at all, I feel like I dont need to eat much at all!  Makes sense?

I’m off to read Rusty’s 800 calorie diet.  I think he may have something about eat less, need less?

Diet time again……..

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Right, here we go……….again!  lol

Had a lovely summer indulging in pretty much any food and drink that I fancied.  Weighed this morning and have put on a stone of water plus fat.  (will know by the weekend how much water as period due in 5 days).

I want to record that I FEEL fat again!  All my jeans are really tight and my midriff is bulging over the top again.  I really dont know why I put on weight so easily.  I actually haven’t even eaten any chocolate!!  But hey, the facts are that I can’t eat KFC once a week without putting on weight.  Oh!  And I had a thing about ice-cream which I’m sure added to my woes.

Well, on the positive side, I know that I am capable of losing it, as i did it before.

I owe it to myself to diet for 3 months of a year – sept, oct, Nov – then I can relax for the xmas festivities again and then start again in Jan in preparation for next summer. 

I FEEL so much better when I’m lighter.

If only I could get there and stay there! 

Anyway, I’m going to eat one meal per day for a couple of weeks.  Give my body a chance to kick in some HGH during the day and then just enjoy a lovely dinner and yogurt afterwards – about 600 cals.  That should detox all the crap and just psyche me up for the next 3 months. 

My goal is to lose 20lbs by December/xmas 🙂

I need to log my progress on here and when I finish the fast, to record all my calories.

Exercise is my usual HIIT which I love anyhow…..

Diet is 80% of the battle tho……….diet, diet, DIET!!